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Welcome to the Farm Equipment thread.

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We want to provide the community a place to trade, swap and sell farm equipment and tools.
We however do not provide any offer any guarantees as we are not the seller nor trader. So here are the rules and tips to ensure safe transactions.

So use caution with tell-tell signs of a scam like.

  • Admins and Mods will never request payment info or social security numbers.
  • No one needs your SSN. (Social Security Number)
  • No one needs your cryptocurrency private keys.
  • Don’t do wire transfer / Western Union deals.
  • If the price is too good to be true, ask questions.
  • Arrange safe public areas for transactions when possible and use caution.
  • Report And Flag stolen items, so we can report and remove stolen articles.

We recommend using payment tools like:

If you are new to cryptocurrency or want to test it out, here are our general safety guide.
For buying cryptocurrency (crypto) use trusted platforms like:

Scam artists will attempt to tell you to download software, join a telegram group, or discord group. Followed by claim’s to sell you cryptocurrency at lower prices on this secret group or by downloading some mining software.

The only software or app you should install for use with cryptocurrency. Would be a “cryptocurrency wallet” or “cryptocurrency exchange” app. An quick example with a popular US exchange.

Coinbase is a San Francisco, CA based cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy, sell, and send cryptocurrency. However coinbase also has offers its own wallet app. Which is used like a traditional wallet. The app / mobile wallet is called Coinbase Wallet this would act like a personal wallet. So think of Coinbase as your bank account. And think of Coinbase Wallet like your wallet. You can use coinbase as your bank account but use any wallet you like or trust ouside of what coinbase offers. Like even a secure hardware wallet. Like the Ledger or Trezor. This device is a physical wallet that you can use for payments and storing your assets (coins/tokens). Noting that your private keys should never be given out to anyone. As your wallet private keys are direct access to your digital money.

Here are some mobile Wallet Apps we trust.

Note: we are not cryptocurrency experts.